We dare to be different.  Training for a triathlon is more than a simple training plan. It is a budding relationship between athlete and coach. Our goal is always to develop clients into better athletes. The ability to listen attentively, provide flexible, sound training principles and a layer or emotional support are just some of the hidden talents separates coaches in our sport.  


It all begins and ends with the athlete in mind.  We use proven, scientific principles over guesswork. Upon joining FTP, you and your coach will go over your season goals and create a roadmap to get there.  In the first few weeks, you will undergo a series of tests to demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses in the sport.  Your coach uses this data to develop your personalized plan to meet your goals.  


Your coach loads your training in 1-2 week blocks into Training Peaks.  Your job is to simply go train and upload the data back into Training Peaks.  From there, your coach will analyze your data, adjust future workouts and ensure you are headed the right direction toward you goals.  


From first timers to world qualifiers, our athletes FTP is a collection of everyday athletes sharing a mutual goal....to get better in triathlon.