It’s that time of year again! If you aren’t already brimming with great gift ideas for your athletic friends, let us help with some fun ideas.

First, some thoughts on gift giving. The best gifts for athletes are either things they really need but are maybe too expensive to justify at other times of year (power meter, Garmin) or are things that will make a difference on a regular basis that people might not buy for themselves (an iPhone waist pack or body care kit, for example). It’s in the spirit of the second category that we made this list. It’s things your athlete will appreciate that they may have never gotten around to getting for themselves. BTW, some of the links below are affiliate links, so you will be supporting our blog if you use them!

Nature Box subscription. Keep your hungry triathlete away from the vending machine by stocking them with healthier snacks every month through Nature Box.

If you have a woman in your life that loves all things girly and glam and also likes to hit the gym, try a FabFitFun subscription box.

Do you have a woman to buy for that (like me) has a hair tie around her wrist 24/7? This hair tie bracelet is genius.

Wireless Headphones for the music/podcast lovers. Ditching the cord will make running with your phone so much more pleasant! 
For the dedicated runner that takes on any weather, consider this cold weather kit. 
Lots of triathletes live out of their cars. A trunk organizer might make their life a lot less hectic. 
Help your athlete stay visible in the dark with these clip on LED shoe lights. 
Socks! People tend to skimp on socks. Give some great Swiftwick socks and they will be grateful very time they hit the road. 
If your athlete sometimes doesn’t have the option for a shower after a workout, these sport wipes are really handy to have on hand. 
Upgrade the toiletries your loved one uses at the gym. It’s something they would probably never get for themselves but they will love it. HERE is one for ladies and HERE is one for gents. 
I hate combination locks because I always forget the combination. But with this lock you can set the combination to a word instead of a string of numbers!
Tracing your heart rate variability can help you avoid over-training and decide when to push hard in workouts versus taking an easy day. Put this finger sensor (you have to buy the app as well) on every morning and the data will tell you what kind of training day to plan! 
Custom name stickers for your bicycle! How fun and thoughtful!
For those with a sense of humor and a quirky style, I present this bicycle taxidermy!
This has got to be the most unique wall art you can imagine. A personalized infographic of a Garmin file!