Humor me a moment.  Close your eyes and create this setting in your mind.  Imagine stepping into a pitch black, pod like structure.  It is maybe 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high.  It looks something like a tiny submarine and a coffin got together.  Imagine that as you step into the vessel you feel something wet.  Maybe about a foot of water.  As you close the hatch behind you, it is pitch black and there is no sound.  You lay down in the water only to feel your body rise to the surface.  Then nothing.  No light.  No sound.  Just stillness.  For 90 minutes. 

Maybe it was Halloween on my mind but the following thoughts went through my head:

  • Is this what it would feel like to be a vampire who retreats to a coffin each night?
  • Didn’t I see this in one of the Alien movies where they were a bunch of pods housing creatures?
  • Am I secretly being preserved and will wake up in 2050 to a post-apocalyptic world where Donald Trump has become President (kidding, sorta).

Jessica and I are always looking around for new things to do as a couple.  Sometimes these things intersect our job as coaches, sometimes they send us down the road of something new and exciting.  So last Thursday, we decided to check out Float Nashville.  In sum, you enter a flotation tank with about 12 inches of water and nearly 1000 pounds of Epsom salt.  It is enough to make your entire body float.  Then you experience sensory deprivation with the isolation. 

The benefits?  You can do the research and read some of the claims.  Maybe they are true, maybe they are overstated.  I can admit that I like stuff that is a little quacky and non-mainstream.  It causes me to question the status quo.  For me, I went into this experience simply for relaxation, rejuvenation and meditation.  And that was easily achieved. 

So as I floated, I had plenty of time to think.  I tried mediating for the first part (it took a while to get comfortable with what was going on).  I thought a bit about life.  I had several business ideas.  I have motivating thoughts.  When I emerged, I was energetic and excited.  Maybe that was the result for me.  Jessica’s experience was different.  She had inner thoughts.  The time by herself was rejuvenating as she pondered bigger, philosophical channels of being.  And she emerged gratified and content.  It seemed to tap into our deeper sense of self. 

I post this for a couple reasons.  First, it was a cool experience.  It’s not for everyone, that much is for sure.  Second, I think everyone should seek similar experiences (meditation) that allows them to check out from the world.  And lastly, I am interested in what it would do for me after a long workout.  For the same price as a massage, I get to just lie there, isolated from the world and soak in the salt bath.  I think any parent can relate to how this MUST help you recover. 

Since it has only been a day, I don’t know if I am feeling any additional benefits.  I expected my legs to be sore from my workout Thursday morning and I am experiencing no discomfort.  I kinda expected to sleep like a champ, but I adhered to my normal sleeping schedule.  But I plan to revisit this blog as I note how I feel and of course, when I decide to go back.