Where do I even begin to talk about Anna?  Anna came to FTP thru her husband Jake (below).  She wasn’t a runner but had just completed her first 5k and wanted a few lessons on run form and direction in training.  Four years later, I still have the opportunity to work with Anna in person every week and it is always one of the highlights of my week.  I have watched her rise across all the running disciplines, achieve monumental milestones and casually take on different challenges in triathlons.  Whether it is her running goals, professional demands or family travel, there is never a dull moment in Anna’s life.  She truly embodies the idea of work hard, play hard. 
-Coach Andrew

Anna and husband Jake

What bikes are you currently riding and what running shoes do you use?

Specialized Allez is my bike. I’m running in Brooks Pure Connects. I love them. In fact I ran in the same shoes for 3.5 years before now and I’m very glad they were discontinued and I was forced to change.

What gear can you not live without?

#1 is my Garmin watch. I’m addicted to data. My favorite nutrition product is the mocha flavored Huma gels. My shoes are pretty important, too! Oh, and I love to listen to music or podcasts on my iPhone when I’m running, so I’d add that to the list.

How did you get started in triathlon?

On Memorial Day 2011 I decided to go for a run and really fell in love with the quiet time and how I felt after. After watching my husband Jake participate in triathlons, I thought it looked like fun. The second factor was that I appreciated that cross training could be fun and helpful, so I added biking, and one year later, swimming. I like almost any race, so in the summer triathlons make sense and are fun. 

What’s your biggest athletic success?

Anna and kids after the Boston Marathon

I am really proud to have qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon. It was something I never thought I could do as a child when I watched the finish line, but I did!

Tell us about yourself? What do you do for a living?

My husband and I have three kids – twins that are 8 and a 7 year old. I am a physician. My other favorite things are travel and cooking.

How do you schedule your workouts around the rest of your life?

I have a busy work schedule including a fair amount of travel and weekends that I have to work. I usually schedule workouts in the morning as I don’t mind waking up early and like to get it done. The one exception is strength workouts that seem to be easiest to do when my family is watching TV on the weekend. When I’m traveling, I like to look up popular routes on MapMyRun to see new parts of whereever I’m visiting. Sometimes, though, I just run on the treadmill at the hotel if that’s easiest.

Best piece of advice you’ve gotten (triathlon or life advice)?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I find this to be really true for every aspect of myself. I tend to be impatient in life, so this resonates with me, whether its with raising children, reaching work goals or racing.

Any tips to share or further thoughts on training, racing, or life balance?

1. With assigned workouts, I just do what I’m told and try not to think about it. I remember that I asked for help to reach my goals, so I need to follow the suggestions and be thankful for them. The less time I think about them, the less time they seem to take.
2. Make a list of priorities and when I’m stressed or having trouble figuring out how to get everything done.I try to place each thing that needs to be done in that priority list and do the highest first and so on.
3. I have a really supportive husband, just lucky on that one. 

Do you have a favorite sports nutrition product?

I like Huma gels, both the fruity and the new coffee ones.

Do you have a favorite race? Why is it a favorite?

Tom King Classic. It is cold (which I love!), flat and local.

Do you have a favorite local shop for triathlon gear?

Nashville Running Company.

What do you eat the night before a race?


What’s your favorite place to train?

You can usually find me on Belle Meade Boulevard or Percy Warner Park. They are great places to bike or run. Swimming is usually at Centennial or Vanderbilt’s pool.